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  • R3,900

    RaceChip One - Up to: 20% More power and 20% torque. Saves 1l/100 km. Optional engine warranty. The RaceChip® one is our Chiptuning starting model. Significantly increased performance at a price which allows convenient testing on how much more driving pleasure Chiptuning offers. But be careful: We are pretty sure that even the starting model is addictive...

  • R5,350

    With the RaceChip® Pro2 you purchase the second generation of the Pro Series and Chip Tuning at a high level at an affordable price. This is probably one of the main reasons for the popularity of the Pro Series. At the core of RaceChip® Pro2 provides a 24 MHz processor sporting work, perfectly protected by a compact, fiberglass-reinforced plastic housing.

  • R7,300

    The RaceChip® Ultimate is our latest development. Equipped with a high-quality 48-MHz processor, a fiberglass-reinforced design housing and FCI connectors of automotive professionals he probably belongs to the best that has chip tuning offers pure driving pleasure!  

  • R8,800

    Racechip Ultimate Up to: 30% more power and 30% more torque. Saves 1l/100 km. Including 2 year engine warranty. (warranty only available in RSA) A global first from the world's leading innovator - performance boost via smartphone. RaceChip's latest innovation, the Ultimate Connect, allows users to adjust their car's optomised performance level via...

  • R5,500

    1. Multilingual interface menu: English, Deutsch, Française, Português, Italiano, Español, Русский, Türk,العر,etc 2. Start screen logo can be customized 3. The backgound picture can be customized 4. Sliding 3D interface menu 5. USB port located in front panel and back of unit,you can choose one USB port you prefer6.USB Port available to support 3G...

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items